Our leadership in Reproductive Medicine is driven by our unique mission, vision and values

Dr. Edwards, a pioneer in our field and a source of inspiration to many of us, was sitting in a laboratory when he looked down his microscope and realized he had successfully grown an embryo to the blastocyst stage. He was, understandably, beside himself in a joy. “I'll never forget the day I looked down the microscope and saw something funny in the cultures...What I saw was a human blastocyst gazing up at me”, Dr. Edwards later recalled. "I thought, ‘We've done it".

Indeed, he had - in 2010, Dr. Edwards was awarded The Nobel Prize in Medicine for his contributions to the creation of IVF. But the prize celebrated more than just his accomplishments. It was recognition of everything Dr. Edwards stood for - his insatiable thirst for knowledge, his tenacity, his unwavering ambition to reach his goal. Dr. Edwards was not only a prominent figure in IVF; he was a man of values.

It is in tribute to his great legacy - and the values for which he stood - that we begin to lay the foundation for IVI RMA Global. Just like Dr. Edwards, it is our values that define who we are and what we stand for. Our values are our DNA, and should guide us at every step of our work. But values are not limited to words - they must be defined by actions. And every day, each one of you is showing incredible character through your efforts, your actions and your values.

Despite our varied roles, we are unified by our common values and our singular mission: to create life.

IVI RMA Global starts here. It starts with you.


IVI RMA Global is a medical institution whose mission is to develop reproductive medicine at the highest level, promoting research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge and professional excellence.


Our vision is to be a leading team worldwide in the field of reproductive medicine, becoming the group with the most prolific presence and with the best clinical results. We will be the reference team for quality, research and teaching.


Patient First