#1 Global R&D Infrastructure


IVIRMA Innovation is currently conducting research in 15 research lines: Female Fertility, Male Fertility, Reproductive Disorders, Immunology, Surgery, Psychology, Clinical IVF, Endometrial Receptivity, Development and Technology, Preimplantation Genetic Screening/Diagnosis, IVF Laboratory, Epigenetics, Stem Cell Research, Ovarian Ageing and Rejuvenation and Cryobiology.


areas female_fertility Female Fertility
areas ivf_clinical IVF Clinical
areas ivf_laboratory IVF Laboratory
areas technology_development Technology Development
areas pre_implantation_genetics Pre- Implantation Genetics
areas cyrobiology Cryobiology
areas endometrial_receptivity Endometrial Receptivity
areas male_fertility Male Fertility
areas aging_and_rejuvenation Aging & Rejuvenation
areas stemcells Stem Cells
areas epigenetics Epigenetics
areas reproductive_disorders Reproductive Disorders
areas inmunology Immunology
areas psicology Psychology
areas surgery Surgery