Global responsibility toward society

The Key Pillars of Sustainability

Our sustainable business model is focused on comprehensive patient care, respect for the environment in all processes, and a responsibility toward the society in which we live. This model would not be possible without our professionals, the true architects of our success, which is why their well-being and happiness is a priority for us. Therefore, the four key areas of our sustainable model consist of the patients, the staff, the environment and society.


Our patients come before anything else. Everything that we do here at IVIRMA is focused on our patients' wellbeing. Our objective to construct a healthier world with a brighter future stems from our patient care. They are our number one priority at IVIRMA.

Our Team

IVIRMA is an organization focused on people and a belief in the individual, regardless of their background, nationality or social status. Each of their unique contributions to our mission is essential for the success of our work.

Thus, at IVIRMA we are commited to policies resulting in satisfaction ans welbeing of our employees. Under this perspective, taking care of our people means introducing policies that guarantee equal opportunities in all areas of the organization. In the Code of Ethics and Conduct, IVIRMA’s commitment to fostering the profesional and personal development of all workers is already established as a principle, ensuring equal oportunities through action policies.


Nowadays, we need a planet and a half to support our way of life. If we continue the way we are, we will need the equivalent of two planets and a half by the year 2030. Our environmental strategy is based on ensuring the reduction of our environmental footprint and that our actions are in harmony with the planet. An example of this is the IVI International Sustainability Congress where the highest influencers in reproductive medicine in the world meet. In 2017, there was a clear push for sustainability in the following seven areas: climate change, waste management, water management, accessibility, equality and inclusiveness, local food and drink production and material use reduction. The guidelines from this Congress will be elaborated on in future editions.  


The society is faced with world challenges, such as unstable economy and social behaviours. As leaders in reproductive medicine, we have a huge responsibility to help disadvantaged societies. At IVIRMA we assist our local communities with the objective to create a society with fair opportunities for everyone. These challenges are found in our social actions and in all the projects with have together with NGOs.  In fact, every year we collaborate with organized civil societies in regards to donations in the areas of health, women and children.