IVIRMA Global Education

IVIRMA Global Education is recognized worldwide as leader in training and a reference in the field of reproduction medicine education.

Our activity is developed, both externally and internally in the company, training professionals in Reproductive Medicine.

In collaboration with HR departments in all regions, we offer learning programs whose purpose is to support our professionals in their continuous education. All our clinics globally have the most updated and complete knowledge in Assisted Reproduction in order to provide the best service to patients and achieve success in the treatments.

As part of our goals, we also offer a wide portfolio of training programs aimed at both young graduates (clinicians, embryologist, and nurses), in different educational formats such as postgraduate studies, online courses, courses in clinics or tailor-made training adapted to the needs of our learners.

The excellence of our programs is the fundamental pillar on which our educational offer is based. Continuous updating of courses contents, addition of new topics linked to cutting-edge technologies, adaptation of new pedagogical methodologies, as well as accrediting our activity through European and US medical organizations (UEMS, AMA, CPD and ANCC) are our basis for launching the annual academic offer.

Our goal: to help everyone in the REI Field to improve their knowledge and skills through education.

Programs offered at Global Education


IVIRMA offers postgraduate studies in the field of Human Reproduction in collaboration with prestigious universities such as the Universidad de Valencia, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universitá di Pavia, aimed at students with degrees in Biomedical Sciences and specialists in gynecology and obstetrics.

Additionally, a portfolio of more than 50 online specialized courses on gynecology, assisted reproduction, psychology, nursing, and genetics delivered through IVIRMA campus are available on demand. IVIRMA also offers on site courses in our clinics, delivered by our staff.

Our Training & Consulting service is focused on offering specialized and tailor-made training for professionals in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology, aiming to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field. Additionally, we provide professional consulting and audit services in embryology to clinics or laboratories, with the goal of improving their performance and clinical practices.