Exclusive and up-to-date training in Reproductive Medicine

IVI Global Education is the educational institution of IVIRMA Global. It offers in-person, online and multilingual training programmes. Medical excellence, research and innovation, infrastructures and, of course, the desire to share knowledge are the threads that move the largest group of assisted reproduction in the world. Another of IVIRMA Global's contributions is global talent, its ability to bring it together and strengthen it.

IVI Global Education has some of the most exclusive and up-to-date training in reproductive medicine. In addition to formal training and seminars, it offers hands-on clinical immersion, personalized training and advisory services, and, of course, scholarship programs to instruct future assisted reproduction talents. Bringing together and sharing knowledge through customized programs for professionals from more than 60 countries is a task that we have been developing for more than twenty years.


Education Centers

- Clinics: It takes place in one of the strategic locations for our courses close to our professional and IVF laboratories. Over 100 courses are held each year.

- IVI Global Education: Headquarters where all the services we offer are managed and supervised, where the online training team is located.

- IVI Learning Center: space in which a large part of our training takes place in the classroom, which has a laboratory for internships. 

IVIRMA Congress

The 9th International IVIRMA VIRTUAL CONGRESS WEEK, will take place from the 15th to the 19th of November 2021.

This is the third most important international congress on reproductive medicine, which in its last edition brought together more than 1,600 renowned specialists in this field (10% more than in the previous event held in Bilbao) from 71 countries.

The numbers are:

- Faculty: 62

- Poster Abstracts: 88

- Exhibitors: 15

It is important to point out that each congress holds the IVI Foundation Awards, an award that rewards two scientific trajectories, one basic and the other for clinical research.