Dr Francisco Domínguez receives a grant from the Instituto Carlos III to fund a study on endocrine disruptors

The impact of endocrine disruptors on human reproduction has been an area of focus for investigators at the IVI Foundation for several years. Dr Domínguez has already conducted preliminary studies on this topic Furthermore, recent literature points to the exposure to endocrine disruptors as a factor associated with conditions related to assisted reproduction outcomes.

In this study, Dr. Dominguez will measure the levels of endocrine disruptors in samples from 50 patients with endometriosis and 50 patients with implantation failure, and determine if there are correlations. During the study, patients will complete a survey, where their lifestyle and potential exposure to environmental toxic agents will be assessed. Then, several types of biologic samples will be collected (blood, urine and follicular fluid). Within these three matrices, the following disruptors will be measured: bisphenol A, parabens, phthalates, soybean-derived phytoestrogens and heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead.

As described by Dr. Domínguez “The long-term objective of the study is to monitor the impact of these endocrine disruptors on the female reproductive system and to improve fertility treatment outcome through lifestyle changes and in vitro therapeutic interventions.”