IVI will refund women and couples who do not manage to have a baby as a result of IVI Baby

While our proven infertility treatments and advances in technology have generated IVF success rates well above average, not every patient experiences success after every attempt.

The new IVI BABY program is designed to reduce the financial stress and anxiety that all infertility patients face by offering a 100% financial refund if treatment is unsuccessful. Our goal is to give hopeful parents from Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, UK and all over the world the peace of mind and the financial resources to pursue other family building options when infertility treatment is unsuccessful.

“The quality of the medical protocols, our advanced laboratories with state-of-the-art technology and the commitment to supporting our patients make IVI Baby possible.” stated Dr. Antonio Requena, General Medical Director of IVI, part of the IVI-RMA Global network of fertility centres. “IVI BABY is possible thanks to our confidence is our clinical outcomes. Based on the clinical criteria of the program, it’s likely that more than 50% of potential patents will be able to benefit from this program,” he added.



IVI Baby represents a new era of hope and a new concept that is focused on patient peace of mind. It is a journey towards motherhood that IVI has decided to take hand in hand with its patients, right to the end, staying with them until their baby is born.

“IVI Baby is the right step at the right time for our practices and our patients. It’s another example of our leadership by supporting the entire patient experience,” explained Francisco Torralba, Director of Marketing and Communications at IVI. “This programme is intended to meet a very real need among our patients. Following years of studies and after many focus groups aimed at gaining an in-depth understanding of patients’ greatest concerns when it comes to facing up to the difficult situation of assisted reproduction, we have realised that there is a factor that all of them have in common and that is crucial to the success of their treatments: peace of mind. All of them have asked for a reliable service, such as the one that we are nowadays able to offer them. IVI Baby is their insurance, their guarantee, and our commitment to peace of mind,” added Mr. Torralba.

A revolutionary programme that IVI is undertaking with the security and confidence of a leading group in Reproductive Medicine, IVI Baby is here to make your dream of becoming a mother come true with a 100% guarantee.